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Marine Hardware

Marine Hardware -- Swivel OarlocksAll of our traditional hardware is made of Manganese Bronze, using patterns as much as a century old. We offer a wide selection of oarlocks, oar sockets, specialty hardware, and accessories to complement fine boats.

We also offer Adirondack Guide Boat Hardware.

Patent Swivel Rowlocks Go to Online Store
Extensively used prior to WWII, these rowlocks are still seen today on many antique boats and canoes. The customer demand for these reproductions has prompted us to make them once again. They are supplied in polished (shown) or burnished Manganese Bronze.
Safety Chainsoutrigger oarlock brackets Safety chains Go to Online Store
Made of brass these safety chains are used with horn oarlocks to attach them to the oar socket to prevent loss.

Outrigger Oarlock Go to Online Store
Modeled after a pair of Rushton oarlocks from the Mystic Seaport Collection, our outriggers extend 4" on each side and allow for an oar of about a foot longer when extended. Cast of Manganese Bronze, the overall length is 11-1/4" with a mounting plate width of 1-5/6". They accept a standard 1/2" pin oarlock.

 Davis Oarlocks

Davis Oarlocks Go to Online Store
Used primarily on sailboats these oarlocks lift up in the socket then swing down to hang out of the way inside the boat when not in use. They are available in a #0 (2" ID) size only.

North River Oarlocks

North River Oarlocks Go to Online Store
Often referred to as a "pinned" oarlock, a 3/16" pin holds the oar permanently in the oarlock. The disadvantage of this style is that you cannot feather the oar and the oar shaft is weakened by the drilled hole for the pin. Still many folks grew up with this oarlock and prefer it because it holds the oars in the rowing position.

 Round and Horn OarlocksRound and Horn Oarlocks Go to Online Store
We are often asked "which is better?" As long as the oars are properly sized for the boat it is a matter of personal preference. Round oarlocks stay on the oar once leathers and buttons are applied whereas the oar can be removed from horn oarlocks.

Standard horn oarlocks are available in #1 size (2-1/4" inside diameter). Round oarlocks are available in #0 (2" inside diameter) and #1 (2 1/4" inside diameter). We also cast a size #1 1/2 " (2-1/2" inside diameter) for large oars. All oarlocks have a standard 1/2" diameter pin.

Oar Sockets OAR SOCKETS Go to Online Store
We offer three choices of oar sockets. Top mounts provide the strongest mounting method and attach to the top of the gunwale. Often a block is used to facilitate installation. Angle mount sockets attach to the inside of the gunwale and are screwed on the top and side. They are the second strongest mounting option. Side mount sockets are attached with screws into the side of the gunwale and, while adequate for most applications, are the least strong of the three options. All sockets are for a standard 1/2" diameter oarlock pin.

Douglas OarlocksDouglas Oarlocks Go to Online Store

Douglas oarlocks orient the blade at 6% to the water for maximum rowing efficiency.  To use them on Shaw and Tenney oars you will need Martinolli D-Sleeves shown below.  They are also used on our oars for sliding seat rowing shells with outriggers.  Cast in manganese bronze.


Martinolli D-Sleeves

d - sleeves Go to Online Store

Used instead of leathers, the D-sleeve and Douglas oarlock combination orients the blade at a 6% inclination to the water for maximum rowing efficiency.




Oar Clamp Oar clamp Go to Online Store
The end to lost or stolen oars. Drill a hole in your boat seat; put the shaft up through the seat and place the top over the oars; and a padlock through the hole. Also great for securing oars in the dinghy when towing!

Made of Manganese Bronze with a sand cast finish.

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Shaw & Tenney of Orono, Maine - Hand Crafted Wooden Oars and Paddles since 1858